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What others say about us:

"On behalf of the Microsoft recreation club, we thank you for the wonderful services that were rendered. We have received a lot of positive feedback from parents.  It has been cited as one of the best ‘family day/bring a kid to work” event ever held.” -Microsoft Singapore.

"The kids had a great time and we had many GREAT reviews from both the children and the parents.” -Organizing Vice-Chairperson, Microsoft Singapore.

"SUPER Kids Entertainer! I have never seen anyone who does a better job at entertaining children.” -Mr. John Tan, Social Events Organizer.

"Professional and top-notched entertainment for the family. I will definitely recommend you to all my contacts.” -Mr. Jeremy Lin, Event Project Manager.

"... great performance shows with passion and all my clients really appreciate your professionalism and interaction with the audience.”   -Gwen Tan, Director, The Voice.

"The Modern Piped Piper of our times! The children are so delighted and mesmerized by your performance.” -Mrs. Tan, mother of 2, at NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House.

"You were great and all the children enjoyed themselves very much! I must have you over again to perform for Jon's birthday in 6 months time!”–Lara, Mum of Crystal, 6 yrs and Jon, 4 yrs.

"Captain Dazzle, you are very funny! Can you please come to my party too next month?”–Betty, Sister of birthday boy Xavier, 6 yrs.

"The kids loved your rabbit! They are still talking how you magically changed the balloon into a rabbit after 6 months!” -Mr. Fernando, Dad of Sierra, 7yrs.


World Record Broken - World's Most Balloon Hat Wearers

Extract from Singapore Book of records:

Name Most Number of People Wearing Balloon Hats
Category Mass Participation - Communities
Data Info Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong came to Kebun Bahru to celebrated its Family Day at Bishan Park on 22 Jul 2007. 2,271 people adorned balloon hats in an attempt to break the Guinness record. Participants also formed the longest human chain wearing the balloon hats.

Interview with Zhang Heng Zhi - March 07


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